Special Awards
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Joel & Betty Pear
Thanks For Coordinating 14 Conventions!
Bill Astley to
Mike Qualle
Longest Distance Driven to Convention
Bill Astley to
Brian O'Donnell, Julie Tueben, & David Soster
Longest Distance Traveled to Convention
Bill Astley to
Robert Jennings & Son
Youngest Skyliner Owner
Bill Astley to
Mel & Lorna Bumstead
Most Events Attended

Bill Astley to
Al Doner
Back From The Grave
Bill Astley to
Ron Anderson
Most Miles Driven In Last Year
Bill Astley to
Larry Loffredo
Most Unusual Activity in a Skyliner
Bill Astley to
Dale Borneman
Hardship Award
Kid's Coloring Award
Gloria Dudt to
Bill Astley
Most New Members Recruited Award